Friday, December 3, 2010

Dealing with Sudden Interests

Possibly the biggest downfall about being obsessive over different subjects is what happens when a new subject enters.  I become very enthusiastic about new ideas and then they sudden fall apart, but while I'm interested in it I tend to neglect everything else in my sphere.

I know some neurotypicals are like this, particularly gamers, who will abandon their lives for days at a time to devote themselves to playing a new game, beating it completely and totally before being able to go back to other games. Heck, there's a website devoted to helping gamers get through their backlog of games.

My problem is a little different.  It's easy to sit and get through a backlog of games, but jumping from social project to project, devoting oneself to a major project and then suddenly becoming interested in something different which conflicts is pretty terrible.  People feel slighted when you don't get back to them on something that you seemed so enthusiastic about before.

This habit has made me very cautious about involving myself in projects and ideas.  I'll spend weeks or even months thinking about something before I do it just to make sure I don't overcomit myself.  There are some duties which can't be compromised: school, particular relationships, parts of Second Life, blogging.  Those are major social commitments for me.  Others can be added and subtracted as needing.

Perhaps moderation is the best thing in most relationships, carefully involving oneself only in what can be handled.  There are things I'd love to do and try but know they would get in the way of my current responsibilities.

Charting is great for keeping track of this: making a spreadsheet of commitments or games to be played or projects being worked on to see if another can be fit in or needs to be delayed.

How do you keep track of everything you have to do?  What has worked, what hasn't?

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