Monday, August 13, 2012

The best explanation of autsim ever

I've been searching for a way to easily explain my AS to people for a long time, and have come up with very little.  I have a habit of over complicating and getting lost in the details of what I'm trying to say because I know so much about this topic.  Where it'll start off fine, I end up getting into comorbidities and exacting details of everything and wind up confusing my listeners.

That's why I'm so grateful that MOM-NOS wrote a series of posts about how she explained her son's autism to his classmates.  They're from 2010, but I can't see them going out of date any time soon.  Her analogy about having a hair dryer brain in a toaster world is spot-on what it's like to have autism and how I view the world.  If anyone has a question for me about why I do certain things, I'll be directing them here.

MOM-NOS: A hair dryer kid in a toaster brained world

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